client: s.r.o. is one of the leading ticket vendors in Europe, offering clients the very best of 800 airlines. In addition to their home market of Slovakia, Pelican operates in Hungary, Poland, Germany and Austria.

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the challenge

On top of their website focused primarily on the sale of airline tickets and holidays, since 2015 the company has been running the Pelipecky website (loosely translated as “the hits from Pelican”) providing information on tickets and travel tips for travelers. The web already operates in five European markets and is slowly but surely growing. With the target group in mind, the customer made the decision to supplement the website with native mobile applications for Android and iOS. These would offer their users in part the Pelipecky magazine with articles and in part an option to buy tickets and other products.


  • Application design: We collaborated with the customer on the app’s graphic design and UX.
  • Android and iOS apps: We developed native applications for both platforms.
  • Screens and advertising: We assisted with preparation work for the app’s release on Google


Logo Screen

app's virtues

  • Scalable to other markets.
  • Sophisticated way of sending push notifications.
  • Modular solution to the whole application.
  • Quick “hotpecky” (hot news) messages to users.

The Result

The result of the cooperation is modern mobile applications for Android and iOS, which are a joy to use. In the articles, the users can learn about what's new in the world of travel and can agree to push notifications, so he or she doesn't miss a time-limited campaign. The app also displays calendars of limited-offer tickets and finally, users can book a ticket in the app with just a few clicks.

When designing the booking procedure, we took advantage of the fact that the application can hold onto the entered data, so there is no need to type in your contact details or passenger list in the booking process over and over again. When logged in, this data can be saved directly to the user’s account.

The app has become a guide and an assistant helping its user discover the world.

What client say

“Mobile phones make traveling easier in many ways, be it with satellite navigation, mobile payments or taxi apps. At Pelican, we too try to help travelers out whenever there is an attractive ticket to be had or a piece of news online. Together with Mobilesoft, we have managed to create an application that is just worth having on your phone. Throughout our cooperation, we have always valued their true interest and good communication. Our teams have seen eye to eye from the very beginning.”

Vladimír s.r.o.

business development manager

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